British Airways A380 First Class Review

Click the video above to see BA’s A380 First Class reviewed on its first ever flight with paying passengers.


BA A380 First Class Cabin

Quiet refinement and a focus on functionality are the priorities here – there’s no private cabanas with doors here, nor have BA invested in the first class bling you see with some other carriers. The cabin is very similar to the latest seats fitted to most of British Airway’s existing fleet, with 14 seats at the front of the lower deck (whereas competitors such as Malaysia Airlines have fitted 8 bigger seats in to a similar space).


BA A380 First Class improvements

The seat itself is just about identical to that fitted on the 777, although you now have more space around you. This means that your personal cupboard has been expanded – so it is actually useful – and you have more space for laptops and papers.

The fancy window blinds are a simpler design than those on the 747s and 777s – they don’t look as good, but it means anyone in your guest seat has much more shoulder room.

Dividers between the middle seats have been improved, and are now similar to those in BA’s older first class cabin. No longer will you have to talk to your seat mate through what feels like a serving hatch!

There’s improvements to the food as well, with a five course tasting menu on offer.

Unfortunately, BA have hidden every third window by using a fancy window frame – it gives the cabin a unique look and feel, but it also makes it feel quite dark.


Best Seats in BA A380 First Class

Go for a window seat if you’re travelling alone and row 2 if available, then row 3 – these seats are the quietest as are away from the galley and the stairs.

If you’re a couple, the center seats are great as the privacy divider between the seats can be lowered. Row 2 is under the stairs, and row 4 is next to the galley – so pick row 3.


BA A380 First Class Conclusions

It’s a shame more of the seat footprint wasn’t used to make a better bed (in a style similar to Qantas’ revolving seat), as BA could have had a much better first class product without taking up any more space – the cabin feels a bit like a wasted opportunity.

It’s worth remembering that BA First is often much cheaper than many of their competitors (thanks to upgrade vouchers for its frequent flyers, opportunities for business class travellers to upgrade with miles and frequent sales) – with these economic constraints, it’s a solid offering from BA on their new A380s.

If you’re paying the full cash price, you will find more for your money with many of BA’s competitors (such as Malaysia Airlines A380 First Class).


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