Malaysia Airlines First Class A380 Review

Click the video above to see Malaysia Airlines First Class A380 reviewed on a flight from Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport to London’s Heathrow.

Malaysia Airlines have had a lot of bad luck recently, but have heavily invested in their amazing new first class product on their A380 aircraft, so we were very excited to see what it would be like.


Malaysia Airlines First Class A380 Cabin

This really is one of the very best first class products in the sky – indeed, they seem to have installed the world’s widest bed. The seat doesn’t have doors to make a private cabin (like some carriers such as Etihad), but the fact there are only 8 seats in the cabin allows Malaysia to stagger the seats and give a good amount of privacy. Compare and contrast with British Airways’ choice to install 14 seats in a similar amount of space!


Malaysia Airlines First Class Check-In Experience

We took the excellent KLIA Ekspres train to the airport from Kuala Lumpur; it takes 30 minutes non-stop to get there and costs just $10. The gates even took contactless credit cards, so there was no need to even purchase a ticket from a machine!

There was a dedicated first class check-in area at KLIA, but it’s nothing to write home about. OK, there was no queue like you’d often find at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, but it was a million miles from a Thai Airways check-in experience which involves cool drinks, a seat to wait in whilst a concierge fetches your boarding pass, and a buggy to the lounge! Back in real world, we had our bags dropped off in under a minute and were on our way to Malaysia Airlines’ First Class lounge.

MAS have had more than their fair share of bad luck recently which has been affecting passenger numbers – but we weren’t expecting the lounge to be completely empty! There was a total of 3 passengers in the first class area which comprises a few different rooms – so the whole place was devoid of atmosphere.

Overall, there was a decent selection of hot food available to order and plenty to drink – but we decided to wait until we were onboard to indulge. The staff in the lounge was most adamant that the gate would close on time and that as boarding was well underway we should head off to the gate. A quick security scan later we found this was not the case – an entire A380 worth of passengers was jammed in to a sterile gate area, and there were no seats left for us to use whilst we waited 20 minutes to board.


Onboard the Malaysia Airlines First Class A380

When boarding did commence, we found one of the three jetbridges was reserved for the exclusive use of first passengers. Very nice (as there were only 3 of us in first class) but we did feel a bit guilty for the 140 people queuing to get on upstairs!

Malaysia Airlines First Class A380 seats are amazing – nothing too flash, but just do the job incredibly well. There’s lots of recline options, and they go fully flat to make long & wide bed. Everything is spotlessly clean and in great condition – there’s not a thing the most fussy passenger could complain about.

The wide seats give you a great feeling of space – and there’s loads of headroom too as there’s no overhead bins in the first class cabin on Malaysia Airlines’ A380s. Instead, the attentive crew will take and retrieve your bags from cupboards at the front of the plane, or you can use the small wardrobe built in to your seat. The seat is certainly wide enough, but when you recline it in to a bed, the side storage unit retracts to make a super-wide bed frame for your mattress.


Malaysia Airlines First Class A380 Food & Drink

Initial impressions were very disappointing, as there was only a choice of juice or water when boarding – no alcohol is served until after take-off. Fortunately we weren’t delayed, and thereafter things improved significantly!

A couple of minutes after take-off we were served the delightful Dom Pérignon 2002, a champagne that retails at around $200 a bottle. We certainly did our best to drink back the value of our tickets over the following 14 hours!

The quiet first class cabin gave the opportunity to show off the menu, which as you can see in the above menu was extensive. Malaysia Airlines’ signature satay was of course used to kick things off, as we explored food as varied as smoked salmon & caviar to roast beef with traditional English yorkshire puddings.

Malaysians love their food, and it showed in the care and presentation of the menu on this flight. It’s doubtful that any passenger has ever gotten left a Malaysia Airlines A380 first class cabin feeling anything but stuffed!


Best Seats in Malaysia Airlines First Class A380

Go for a window seat if you’re travelling alone, row 1 is slightly quieter than row 2 as it’s further from the galley.
If you’re a couple, the center seats are great as the privacy divider between the seats can be lowered. Row 1 is under the stairs, but these are rarely used.

Malaysia Airlines First Class A380 Conclusions

It’s such a shame that Malaysia Airlines have had such bad luck recently, as their first class A380 product is world-class. Their Oneworld partner British Airways also flies this route, but as Malaysia Airlines first class A380 has the best bed in to the sky and some mighty impressive food & drink, it’s obvious who to choose on this route.


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